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Founded in 1993 by Mark Allen, himself an environmental graduate, ALLEN & YORK was one of the first recruitment consultancies to specialise across sustainability.

​An entrepreneur, inspired by his passion for the environment, Mark began to form what would become lifelong partnerships with environmental consultancies across the UK; conservation, environmental land management, ecology were typical areas in which we built the foundations of our specialist knowledge. 

Driven to serve the wider sustainability community, we were quick to build teams across health, safety and well-being; as well as, sustainable design and planning throughout the late 90s.

The early 2000s heralded increased concerns about climate change and the importance of developing the world’s renewable energy capacity.  In response, we launched our energy team in 2006, which has grown to encompass expertise across; wind, wave, tidal, biofuels, as well as energy in buildings; compliance and energy efficiency. 

Developing partnerships with global utilities, developers and manufacturers enabled us to develop a strong foothold in the more mature European markets. 

Today we are a multilingual, international company, with operations across the UK, Europe and Middle East.  Many of the junior recruiters who joined us at the beginning of our journey are now our Directors and Senior Managers, with 15 years+ of sector experience, technical knowledge and networks that are second to none. 

Our teams have a passion for sustainability, many have environmental degrees, and we all have a shared vision to enable companies across the globe to move towards a more sustainable model in the protection of our planet and people.

Growth continues within ALLEN & YORK to reflect the developments within global sustainability.

In the 21st Century the big questions of energy resources, social and human impact, global agriculture, drive us forward with renewed fervour. 

Innovations across the waste and recycling industry; waste mining, recycled manufacturing and biofuels; as well as corporate sustainability, social impact, community engagement and sustainable procurement, particularly across emerging global markets, enable us to have teams focused on sourcing the talent required to steer businesses towards a greener future.

We have lost none of Mark’s original passion.

We are still fully committed to deliver sustainable recruitment solutions, ethically, honestly and transparently, and to be THE leading sustainability recruitment consultancy, worldwide.

Mark Allen, CEO & Founder

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