100 companies / 100% Renewable Energy by 2020

26 May by


Marks and Spencer (M&S) has reaffirmed its commitment to 100% renewable energy, by announcing on 19 May that it has joined RE100. Hot on the heels of Unilever who at the start of Climate Week Paris (18-22 May), also announced it was joining RE100 

These two global giants join other equally big names including; IKEA, BT, Philips, Nestle and MARS, all of whom have pledged to commit to 100% renewable power by 2020.

Unilever has revealed that its factories have saved more than a tonne of carbon since 2008. Savings that were driven by a 20% cut in energy consumption across the Dutch firm's manufacturing sites - which also saved them €244m.

Unilever chief supply chain officer Pier Luigi Sigismondi said: "We're delighted to have hit this milestone in our CO2 reduction.

"Reducing our energy consumption not only cuts our greenhouse gas emissions - the equivalent in carbon of 800,000 acres of forest each year - but also cuts our costs."

Since the launch of its environmental ‘Plan A’ in 2007, M&S has lowered its carbon emissions by 19% and has become carbon neutral across its worldwide operations.

It has a target to improve its UK and ROI energy efficiency by 50% by 2020 and to source 50% of its gas from certified green bio-methane sources.

M&S director of Plan A Mike Barry - who is speaking at the Business and Climate Summit in Paris this week – said: “Tackling climate change is critical for our busines and for all businesses.

“We developed Plan A with this in mind – which includes a commitment to sourcing 100% of our directly procured UK and ROI electricity from renewable sources.

"Joining RE100 gives us an opportunity to share what we have learned and encourage other businesses to switch to renewable energy."

RE100 are looking to sign up 100 companies by 2020 they currently have 19 on their website.