Cardiff Airport Zero Waste to Landfill

21 May by


Cardiff Airport (UK), through a focused committment to responsibly manage waste on the Airport site, have achieved 'zero waste to landfill status'.  

This landmark achievement by the environmental team means that all waste produce created across the airport as a result of day to day operations; from food to plastic packaging, grass cuttings and heavy pieces of old or broken equipment is now disposed of either by recycling or using ‘waste to energy’ methods. 

Cardiff have gone one-step further by installing 'The Rocket' - a fully automatic In Vessel Composting system designed to turn organic wastes including food and garden wastes, into compost. 

Debra Barber, Managing Director at Cardiff Airport, said: “I couldn’t be more proud of the dedication and passion shown by the team in recent years to really focus in on effective and sustainable waste management, and the important positive impact this can have on the environment. 

Thanks to the innovative processes now in place at Cardiff Airport we are able to ensure that absolutely no waste goes to landfill but instead goes towards creating new energy and materials. Our aim as an Airport is to become an exemplar of responsible waste management and we look forward as a team to using new technology and innovation to continue on our journey.”

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