Building Cities by Biomimicry

18 June by


Biomimicry is the art and science of observing nature, and applying the particular function you are observing to human design. Whether you’re looking at a beetle’s outer shell, or the swimming pattern of a school of fish, there are design solutions to be obtained nearly anywhere.

Urban planners and designers are starting to use biomimicry to find out how nature allocates resources within a system effectively, eliminates the idea of “waste,” and completely bounces back from disturbances.

By 2050 population is estimated to have increased to over 9 billion.  This population increase is already happening and will continue to have a great impact on cities around the world, driving the need for innovative building and desing solutions.

Scientists, designers, engineers, architects, economists, sociologists and entrepreneurs are are looking to nature to find sustainable solutions in the context of a growing global population.

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