Northern Powerhouse creates Planning & Environmental Job Opportunities

21 July by


The Northern Powerhouse might be new on the government’s agenda, but we’ve seen a steady increase in planning & environmental job opportunities in the Northwest over the last couple of years.

Infrastructure, Transport and Housing projects are creating new planning & environmental job opportunities across Manchester, Liverpool, Leeds and Sheffield and opportunities are expected to increase as we get closer to development and construction phases.

The HS2/3 projects, Manchester airport’s 10 year transformation plan and the Greater Manchester housing fund project are all creating 1,000s of new job opportunities across the region.

Specialist functions such as Transport Planning, Town Planning, Environmental Management and Design Engineering are very much part of these large infrastructure projects and with the enhanced spotlight coming from George Osbourne’s office, we are seeing a real increase in recruitment activity across the region.

As the commercial focus of the UK begins to shift a bit more from London, we are also seeing traditionally London based activities such as due diligence, being added to the portfolios of regional offices; which enriches their offering and creates more job opportunities for professionals wanting to remain in the North.

One complaint that we’ve heard from clients/employers looking to recruit in the area, is that the jobs are there, but the people aren’t.  When recruiting in London it would be natural for an employer to cast the net up to 30-40 miles from the office, but around Manchester and Leeds the current transport links don’t allow for this and therefore companies feel they aren’t able to attract the best people.

One way we could suggest to address this issue, would be for companies to be more flexible on location.  Working from home, flexible hours and a more creative approach to accommodating the new employees can often be a great way to secure the best talent for the role.  We’ve seen it may times and if you can be flexible it really helps.

The North East are also pushing for more devolved local powers and we look forward to similar growth throughout the UK.