Al Gore Calls for UK to Resume Leadership on Renewables

23 September by


It's great to see Al Gore the former vice president of the US, calling on the UK Government to resume its former leadership on renewable energy, ahead of COP21 in Paris this December. 

He was speaking at a climate change conference in London, yesterday (22nd Sept), when he said he was "puzzled" by the slashing of subsidies for both solar and wind in the UK and is reported as saying that he could not understand the rationale for such measures, while climate change presents a clear danger to the UK and the rest of the world.

Gore went to to say; “The UK’s historic legacy of leadership on the most important moral issues faced by humanity, including the climate crisis, is long and has been recognised with respect by the community of nations,” 

“It is time for the UK government to honour and live up to that legacy, and return to its global leadership position, domestically and abroad, by supporting an ambitious international agreement in Paris that unleashes the power of the private sector to create a global clean energy economy.” 

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