ESOS Compliance - are you Ready?

30 September by


Leading energy consultancy Inenco Group are calling on the Environment Agency to relax the deadline for ESOS compliance to allow thousands of businesses to make the grade.

Inenco released a statement on Monday 28th Sept, stating that they are still accepting new clients to support with all aspects of ESOS, but clearly stating that delivery will not be before December 5.

Under the Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS), over 10,000 of the UK’s largest businesses must conduct a detailed energy audit across their business operations. Inenco’s experience working with hundreds of businesses has proved that compliance takes at least two months to complete, partly because of the need to compile and analyse significant data from across business operations. Businesses are risking non-compliance or poor quality audits if they attempt to rush to meet the deadline.

With just 150 businesses currently compliant, the Environment Agency would have to enforce penalties of up to £50,000 to any business that fails to comply. Whilst Inenco is confident that all of its ESOS clients will comply, the consultancy has serious concerns about the ability of 100% of the eligible 10,000 businesses to meet the deadline.

David Cockshott, chief commercial officer at Inenco, said: “There is now serious concern that thousands of businesses will fail to comply in time, risking financial penalties and missing opportunities to reduce energy costs."

"ESOS is a major opportunity for businesses to assess their energy reduction potential, and we won’t compromise on the quality of audit or recommendations.”

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