Sainsbury's 'Waste Less, Save More' – UK town search

22 September by


Sainsbury's has launched a £10m, 5 year project to address household food waste.

The 'Waste Less, Save More' initiative firstly requires a trial town to benefit from a £1 investment to become the test town for new ideas about how to reduce household food waste; 

Sainsbury’s chief executive Mike Coupe, said: “We know that waste – and particularly food waste – is a big challenge for households across the UK and it’s something our customers really care about.

Sainsbury’s will work together with the successful town to plan a year-long investment to trial iniatives, such as; 

  • Fridge innovations for the home to track when food is beginning to go off.
  • Talking bins that give tips as rubbish is put in them.
  • Reward programmes to encourage recycling.
  • New packaging to keep products fresher for longer.
  • Educational programmes for local schools and community centres.

Individuals or community groups can nominate their town to benefit from the investment, with the winner announced on 1 December 2015.