Treasury Proposes Move to One Carbon Tax

30 September by


In a consultation paper published this month, the UK Government propose reform to the business energy efficiency tax landscape, which will create one tax and one reporting scheme.

This will abolish the CRC (Carbon Reduction Commitment), with a view to reducing the complexity and resources required to deliver on-the-ground energy efficiency improvements.

The proposals have been positively received by Richard Griffiths, Senior Policy Advisor at the UK Green Building Council, who said: 

“Moving to a position where organisations are faced with just one key reporting scheme should help to free up organisations’ resources and allow them to focus on delivering energy savings, rather than administration. Likewise, rationalising the tax regime could provide a clearer spur for action, and help to kick-start commercial retrofit activity after a few relatively flat years.

However, Griffiths also commented; “But neither of these things will, alone, drive the scale of change that we need to reduce emissions from our buildings. To do that, we need new incentives that significantly strengthen the case for businesses to not only identify energy saving opportunities but put them into action, and so it’s encouraging to hear that Government is open to new ideas in this area, especially in the light of recent cuts to support for renewables.”

Read more;  'Reforming the business energy efficiency tax landscape' consultantion paper.