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WRAP launch Recycle Plastic Fantastic!

2015-09-29 15:00:00 +0100 by


WRAP’s Recycle Now campaign is helping partners tackle the uncertainty that consumers feel when recycling plastic packaging with the launch of a recycling campaign called Recycle Plastic – Fantastic!

The plastic recycling campaign which runs until the end of November 2015 aims to support a range of partners such as local authorities, brands and retailers to expand consumer’s knowledge of the variety of plastic packaging items that can be recycled and to clarify what should actually be going into their recycling containers at home.

There is still confusion about the recycleability of yoghurt posts, plastic trays, plastic wrapping etc. and so in partnership with RECOUP and the Pledge 4 Plastics, WRAP is looking to communicate a consistent message on what consumers are able to recycle at home and work.

All of the communication materials are free, easy to use and are available to download from the WRAP resource library 

WRAP’s plastic recycling campaign is part of a long term project focusing on specific dry recycling materials per quarter. The quarterly platforms are an opportunity for partners to deliver focused campaigns on specific material streams. The next quarters will be paper & card running December 2015 – February 2016 and metal & glass running March – May 2016. 

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