US Renewable Energy Builds for the Future

09 November by


Last week (6 November 2015) The Houston Renewable Energy Group (HREG) hosted their first-ever ‘Renewable Energy Job Discussion Panel’ – Paul Gosling, Executive Director at ALLEN & YORK, was delighted to be asked to join the panel of hiring managers and recruiters, to discuss career opportunities in the rapidly growing renewable energy space.

The market for renewables in the US is growing fast and shows no sign of abating, particularly given President Obama’s recent reinforcement of commitment to renewables as part of the energy mix.

“Houston is known as the energy capital of the world, but with many established and emerging renewable companies we also have the capacity of becoming the alternative energy capital of the world,” Violeta Archer, President of HREG.

The City of Houston is among the top ten cities that use renewable energy along with many top-notch companies that are working to reduce greenhouse gas emissions as part of the EPA’s Green Power Partnership. The partnership is key to fostering healthy communities while creating economic opportunities.

Paul was able to bring the benefit of ALLEN & YORK’s experience supporting the growth of this market over the last 15+ years to provide some insights for the US market.

The discussions were wide and varied, with a particular focus on the potential for skills transfer into the renewable energy sector from other industries.

Much of the audience were from professional service and commercial backgrounds and the panel talked about the importance of identifying key transferable skills from their prior experience which will be relevant to a new market.

Paul highlighted a number of key points during his presentation, which are helpful takeaways;

  • Do not expect to get your ideal job first time round.  Have a long term plan and be prepared to take smaller steps to get to your goal.
  • Spend time researching the market, with a particular focus on the roles available and the skills they are looking for.  The renewable energy space is a hugely diverse and complex.  The more you understand this complexity and identify where you want to fit into it the better able you will be to carve out a niche for yourself.
  • Get to understand the companies working in the market you are interested in (solar, wind, wave etc.).  Once you know who you would like to work for you can start to research them in more detail to find the best way to find work with them (direct or via a recruitment company).
  • Use your existing networks and expand them wherever possible, after all renewables is like any other market and personal connections can make all the difference.

“Changing sectors is never the easiest thing to do, but the renewable energy market, while relatively small in comparison with other energy sources at the moment, is going to be of increasing importance as the market evolves.  Now, is an excellent time to begin the process of evolving your skills, to develop a satisfying and rewarding career in this growth market.”
Paul Gosling, Exec. Director at ALLEN & YORK

We thank The Houston Renewable Energy Group (HREG) for the opportunity to take part in this panel discussion and look forward to working within the US market more in the future.