Energy U-Turn Required for UK to Meet CO2 reduction targets

21 December by Miriam Heale


Business leaders, academics and industry experts are warning that the UK need to U-turn on their energy policy in order to meet the CO2 reduction targets agreed at the Paris summit early this month.

196 countries (including the UK) agreed at the Paris Summit to limit global temperature rises to less than 2C.  Environmental experts are now saying that Britain is not investing enough to make this happen, and critics say that the first test for Amber Rudd, the energy and climate change secretary, will come when she announces whether or not she plans to go ahead with a proposed 90% cut in solar subsidies.

The rest of the world is surging ahead with renewble energy developments, we have seen this at ALLEN & YORK and have responded accordingly by expaning our International Team.  Unfortunately at the moment, the UK is being left behind. 

SMEs around the country who’ve invested in recruiting and training staff, could be leading in design and manufacturing, giving Britain an industry which could be taking on many more apprentices to improve Britain’s skill base, instead we are squandering this opportunity.

It's a frustratining situation, Carolyn Fairbairn, director-general of the Confederation of British Industry, the UK’s main employers’ organisation, said that ministers need to take action at home as well as making their voice heard abroad. “The government must provide a stable environment that enables investment in cleaner, more affordable and more secure energy generation, including renewable technologies.” she said.

Natalie Bennett, Green Party Leader commented that "Support for community energy schemes would not only give us a decentralised, resilient energy supply but ensure people can invest in their local communities, and keep that money circulating locally, rather than swishing off into tax havens. In short, tackling climate change isn’t a cost to bear but an opportunity to rework our economy and society so that it creates jobs people can build a life on, ensures households are warm and comfortable and communities prosperous, and our air is breathable." 

We couldn't agree more!