Infrastructure Development Environmental Skills Shortage

17 December by


Over recent years there has been a notable increase in the number and size of Infrastructure Development projects in the UK.  HS2, Thames Tideway, Crossrail etc.  This is putting significant pressure on the Environmental talent pool which needs to be understood and addressed.

At the development phase of large projects, the requirements for the EIA submission are significant and growing.  Changes in EU legislation and the rigour with which the documents are examined are all increasing, not to mention the best practice developing around stakeholder and particularly local community engagement.

This is putting significant pressure on organisations who have finite resources to deliver this work themselves.  This is increasing the workload for consultants who have to do some careful planning to ensure they have the required resources themselves.

We have noticed some clear effects as a result of this:

  •  Salary inflation for individuals with rare skill sets (eg Project Management of large scale infrastructure projects, niche technical skills etc.)
  •  Widening of consultancy supply chains to include specialist suppliers
  •  Increasing prevalence of Partnership Agreements between large organisations


We see these trends continuing within the development phase of projects and also expect there to be more pressure on the delivery side as these projects move into construction phase.

From an environmental perspective this will mean increased requirements for individuals able to create, implement and monitor Site Environmental Plans as well as the Engineers and Construction staff capable of delivering these projects.

In short there is an opportunity for both established professionals and those just starting on their journey to forge long-term rewarding careers in the burgeoning area of Infrastructure.

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