Waste Gasification Plant first of its kind in the world

07 December by


Advanced Plasma Power (APP) & National Grid lead a consortium which has secured £6 million of funding under Ofgem’s Network Innovation Competition (NIC) to build a facility to produce biomethane from household waste. The new plant utilises APP's Gasplasma technology and is said to be the first of its type in the world.

The NIC funding of £5.4 million, coupled with a contribution of £600,000 from the National Grid, will complement £11 million secured from the Department for Transport in September by the consortium.    

As well as National Grid and APP, the consortium also includes gas distribution company Wales & West Utilities, clean energy firm Progressive Energy, and CNG Services, a company which provides gas for use in vehicles.

“Biomethane created from household waste offers an environmentally friendly solution to fuel vehicles, homes and businesses,” said  Rolf Stein, CEO of Advanced Plasma Power. “This project has a key role to play in providing a renewable, secure and cost effective source of natural gas in line with government policy,” he added.

Once operational the facility is expected to divert 7500 tonnes of refuse derived fuel from landfill to produce 1.5m kilos of substitute natural gas annually - enough to fuel 75 heavy goods vehicles or 1500 homes.