IT Data Centres Need To Move Towards Renewable Energy

13 January by Miriam Heale


Following the increasing demand for cloud computing, big data, dematerialisation of documents and other ICT services, the demand for ICT processing is expected to grow exponentially in the coming years. The European Commission has called for data centres to become more energy efficient and is pushing for datacentre operators to drive up their use of renewable energy sources to at least 80% by 2020

With this in mind, it is interesting to note that Green Grid, a not-for-profit organisation have recently published a report which suggests that IT Managers are shockingly ignorant of the environmental impacts of their sites.

The datacentre efficiency consortium questioned 150 IT decision makers, operating facilities in the UK, France and Germany, about how they run their sites.

In response, 43% admitted they have do not have an energy efficiency strategy in place for their datacentres, and 71% said they are not able to “entirely quantify” their environmental effects.

Despite this, 88% said their datacentre operations are included for consideration in their organisation’s wider corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy.

The Green Grid, whose members include private companies, government agencies and educational institutions, has previously spoken out about the need for operators to be held accountable for the environmental impact of their actions, particularly as the amount of land given over to datacentre builds increases.

Roel Castelein, the consortium’s Europe, Middle-East and Africa marketing chair, said the survey results suggest some organisations are failing to follow through on their commitment to tackling datacentre energy efficiency.

“The real-world objectives of datacentre management and the ability to keep track of energy efficiency should be going hand-in-hand if resources are to be effectively managed,” said Castelein.

“What our research shows is that while datacentres are recognised as a central part of organisations’ energy efficiency strategies, many are operating and making decisions – to a certain degree – in the dark.”

“It is clear that many IT leaders need greater support in putting in place more effective resource-efficiency measures,” he added. Which is where ALLEN & YORK can help.

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