Cloud technology adding new dimension to Energy Management

02 February by Miriam Heale


With fluctuating energy prices, how can corporate energy users better control energy costs?

Cloud based technology providers such as Reactive Technologies are offering more sophisticated ways of managing energy usage and consequently saving money.

Typically, corporate energy consumers manage energy in two dimensions. They manage how much energy they use (volume) and how much they pay per unit of energy they consume (price). Reactive Technologies’ Marc Borrett, CEO when interviewed recently in the Telegraph, claims their cloud-based energy management platform, Tradenergy, enables corporations to manage their energy spend across four dimensions, delivering greater savings and certainty.

The third dimension (time) and the fourth (creating the best value) from this flexibility.

At ALLEN & YORK we are seeing an increased demand for energy management recruitment and energy jobs across the UK and Internationally, to drive forward creative energy solutions and deliver greater value and energy security.

The small adjustments that new innovative technologies are adding to the energy managers toolkit, when added together can make a huge difference, as too, can the addition of producing energy and selling it back to the National Grid, e.g. IKEA who want to be 100% renewable by 2020.

Read more in article 'What is four dimensional energy management?' (pub. Telegraph 04.01.16)