Scottish Waste Industry Improves Health & Safety Standards

22 February by


Safety is a key issue for the Waste and Recycling industry and according to HSE statistics there have been five fatal accidents to waste workers in the last twenty years.

In a move to improve standards, SWITCH (Scottish Waste industry Training Competency and Health & Safety) are aiming to provide core competencies for all frontline roles in household, commercial and industrial waste management.

“There are still many hazards and risks associated with the resource management and recycling industry, and health and safety must remain the utmost priority,” said Charlie Devine, Head of Resources Management at Zero Waste Scotland and Chair of the SWITCH group.

The SWITCH forum, supported by Zero Waste Scotland, is made up of more than 30 organisations from the waste and recycles industry. The aim is to provide leadership by working together to raise standards of health and safety, training, learning, development and competence to promote the Scottish resource management industry as an attractive career choice.

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