Urban Regeneration for the Great British Coast

23 February by


Coastal communities across England have unveiled more than 100 urban regeneration plans in a drive to “boost growth, jobs and prosperity”, the government has announced this month.

Plans encompass building a new history centre in Plymouth to redesigning Scarborough’s high street. As more than 11 million people live in coastal communities and the tourism industry employs 250,000 people across 150 seaside resorts – contributing £4 billion to the UK economy – the government says it wants to support “local coastal community teams” in reviving towns and delivering their plans for growth.

The submission of plans to the government follows the establishment of 118 coastal community teams last year, who were given £1.18 million aimed at driving forward growth in coastal areas.

The £120 million Coastal Communities Fund, established in 2012, has money going to projects in every region and country of the United Kingdom. So far it has created nearly 14,000 new jobs and over 10,000 training places.

In addition 77 projects ranging from theatres to piers and lidos to lighthouses, received an addition share of £3 million in December to help restore them to their former glory.

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