Will a BREXIT affect the UK waste industry?

22 February by


Given that the UK's waste and recycling targets are tied up with European targets, will a BREXIT affect the our waste industry?

EU membership has enabled the UK to adhere to the progressive environmental aspirations set by the union and has pre-positioned the UK from its former position as the 'dirty man of Europe', into a position of being part of a innovative waste and recycling industry. 

With the majority of environmental guidelines and directives set by the European Commission, there is some inevitable concern about what a withdrawal from the EU would mean for the policy standards which have shaped the development of industry in the UK. 

However, this is seen by many as a red herring, and here's why;

Trading with Europe
Even if there is a vote to exit the EU, UK companies will continue to trade with Europe and will need to continue to meet the waste and recycling stardards as specificed within Europe.

Red Tape
It is unlikely that the UK government will want to change any waste policies and incure more red tape and admin, so sticking with what we have seems more than likely.

Waste Reduction & Landfill
A key driver for UK waste management and recycling legislation is running out of space for landfill, this is not something that will disapprear whether we are in or out of the EU.

"Overall, the UK’s recycling industry will not be as affected by the results of the referendum as by the long-term pressures on the UK to deal with its own waste." comments David Burton, policy director of waste producer responsibility compliance scheme ecosurety.  

Read more in an article on the Lets Recycle website; 'Brexit would not break up the UK’s recycling industry' by David Burton