Abundance of Ecology Jobs in Survey Season

29 March by


Ecology jobs are abundant at the moment, with the survey season well underway.  

The ALLEN & YORK ecology recruitment team are busily working with both specialist consultancies and public sector organisations to source talented ecologists at all levels, so if you are looking for a career move now is a good time to contact us.

A rise in infrastructure projects and property developments throughout the UK means an increase of environmental assessments and ecological surveys.  

There are opportunities in both the private and public sectors, with a current trend within some county councils to set-up their own in-house ecology teams.  

This is a good indication of what, we hope is a long-term trend as the government pushes to meet new building and transport network targets.

At present we are seeing the number of ecology jobs outstripping the number of experienced ecologists actively looking for work.  Which creates a ‘candidate led’ market.  

This can mean that there is a slight salary increase, especially for senior ecologists and a greater requirement for graduates across the sector. 

Terrestrial ecology and fresh water aquatics are the areas in which we are seeing the most growth at present.  Marine ecology seems to be a bit quieter, maybe due in part to the dip in oil prices and a reduction of oil exploration, as well as a fall in new offshore renewable energy developments. 

Geographically, we have vacancies all over the UK and there are no restrictions on location.  Consultancies are as likely to be based in towns and cities, as rural areas.  

We currently have vacancies from Derbyshire to Basingstoke, Cheltenham to Glasgow, so if you are looking for a new ecology job or to grow your team, now is the perfect time.

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