HSE Launch 'Helping Great Britain Work Well' Scheme

10 March by


In February 2016 Dame Judith Hackett, chair of the HSE launched the ‘Helping Great Britain work well‘ scheme, to drive innovation and continual improvement within health and safety, across the UK.  

Great Britain is recognised has having a health and safety record which is "the envy of the world".  The challenge the HSE has set itself is to improve even further on this impressive record.

The scheme has six strategic themes; 

  • Acting together
  • Tacking ill health
  • Managing risk well
  • Supporting small employees
  • Keeping pace with change
  • Sharing our success

And the principles of the engagement programme are:

Those who create risks have a responsibility to manage those risks – placing the ownership of risk in the right place

Action should be proportionate to the risks that need to be managed – which means we need well-thought-out measures to be applied that are tailored to each business, to the nature of the work undertaken and the people who work there.

"Too much complexity and bureaucracy has built up around health and safety. We heard many people say that we already have the knowledge to make the themes of the strategy a reality. The message that this is about being smarter – not simply doing more – resonated with our audiences. By keeping things as simple and straightforward as possible we can ensure that all businesses see this as enabling them to be successful and productive.  We now need to see real ownership of this strategy – by the many, not just a few. This is not HSE’s strategy, it is for the whole of the system and everyone in it." Dame Judith Hackett comments

The HSE invite you to follow the conversation on social media #HelpGBWorkWell and get involved.

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