5% of UK say their Households don't Recycle

26 April by Miriam Heale


A new report published by Mintel, market reseach analysts, states that 5% of British households aren't recycling. 

The worst offenders are those aged between 20-24 (9%) and by contrast, the most enthusiastic recyclers are aged 55+, with just 2%  saying their household does not recycle.

Regionally, people living in London and the North East are reported to be the least likely to recycle (7% say their households do not recycle), with the residents of Wales boasting the greenest credentials with just 2% of households not recycling.

31% of those surveyed said that they do not recycle as much as they should, which may reflect a lack of knowledge at to what is actually recyclable? 

There still seems to be some confusion about what you can recycle  - yoghurt pots? orange juice cartons? 

Overall, the value of the UK recycling market is claimed to have reached £9,775 million in the 2014/2015 financial year, representing a 1% increase on the previous year. 

The rise in value is said to have been slowing pace in each of the last five years, and there are concerns that in England, at least, recycling may have plateaued.

At ALLEN & YORK we are certainly doing our bit, as we recycle all our plastic, cardboard, cans and paper and are working towards a zero waste policy.  

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