MHI Vestas build strong manufacturing position in the UK

12 April by Miriam Heale


The UK’s energy challenge is how to keep the lights on at lowest cost, while keeping within carbon reduction commitments. This means moving away from dirty coal toward low carbon options like renewables, CCS and nuclear. 

Everyone in this debate agrees that subsidies must end. They would like to see markets strengthened rather than undermined, so that competition forces innovation and reduces cost better than it is doing now. 

That's why it's great to see companies such as MHI Vestas manufacturing wind turbine blades with the UK.  

According to a recent article in reNEWS the offshore turbine venture's CEO Jens Tommerup, believes the UK will play a central role in the global renewable energy supply chain.  Tommerup comments that the Isle of Wight factory will be the “the main manufacturing site for blades” both domestically and for export as part of an ongoing commitment to the country by the Danish- Japanese tie-up.  

The manufacturing plant has so far produced 50 blades and is already tackling components for Dong's 258MW Burbo Bank 2 project in the Irish Sea.  The UK's ship building expertise is a valuable asset to the renewables industry and throws hope for the future of manufacturing in Britain.

To reflect this success, employees at the company have risen from 250 in 2014 to 1100. 

The UK government has given the industry tough targets to cut the cost of offshore wind and the industry and its supply chain must now respond, Tommerup noted.  He went on to say that he is pleased there is finally some clarity from Whitehall on offshore wind subsidies and a commitment to further Contracts for Difference auction rounds beyond this year, which has provided much needed confidence in the offshore renewable energy market.


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