Career Prospects within Energy Management

21 April by


Bo Derkx, Team Leader Building & Energy Services for ALLEN & YORK, looks at Career Prospects within Energy Management - first published in EMA Magazine

Improvements in multiple approaches to managing energy efficiency in buildings, spurred by the importance of reducing energy costs, have brought about an increase in energy management jobs.

Skilled and flexible energy professionals, who have both the technical knowhow and strong communication skills, are in high demand.  ALLEN & YORK recruitment consultancy work with energy professionals at all levels, to help them find that perfect job, and with organisations to find the best employees.

2016 has been a busy time already for our Building and Energy Services recruitment team with almost forty live vacancies across; energy management, low carbon design, building services and facilities management. This is encouraging as we have seen a systematic dismantling of green policies by the current UK government; scrapping the Green Deal, abolishing the zero-carbon standard for new homes and cutting £7m from the RHI budget. 

However, energy management remains an important part of many businesses within the private and public sector and the demand is high for experienced professionals.

Energy Management is still a relatively new and growing industry and as such we find ourselves in a fairly candidate short market. We often speak with organisations that have already advertised their roles before they come to us, but having had little suitable response they require a more targeted and specialist approach to finding candidates with relevant skills.

There is a growing trend for energy professionals to move to consultancies or set-up their own businesses and this exasperates the challenge of attracting good employees, making it harder to tempt individuals into alternative jobs. 

This is where ALLEN & YORK can add a lot of extra value, our team of dedicated recruitment consultants have long established relationships with energy professionals; we are able to contact individuals directly and introduce them to new opportunities, often when they are passive candidates and are unlikely to respond to traditional job advertising.

We are also really good at spotting a great energy manager in the making.  The route to energy management is wide and varied, and we see professionals coming from various different routes including; environmental consultancy, project engineering and facilities management, all of which have exhibited the transferable skills to enable them to move into energy management positions.

Energy management starting salaries can range from £22,000 - 33,000 (depending on sector and region) moving up to £30,000 - 45,000 after about five years and peeking out at about £60,000 - 70,000 for roles with significant responsibility and portfolio.  There are great prospects for career development within energy management and it is now possible to obtain qualifications and post-graduate certificates in energy management, which can help towards career development.

As a growing industry we foresee great career opportunities for anyone entering the energy management sector.  Our global energy challenges are not going away and as such more expertise will be required well into the future.


To find out more about careers and recruitment services within energy management, please contact; Bo Derkx, Building & Energy Services Team Leader


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