UK Government Appoint AquaFund to Reduce Water Usage by 30%

12 May by Thomas Bullen


Leading utility management specialists ADSM have been awarded a new public sector water licence to administer their  AquaFund grant scheme, with a view to saving the UK Government 30% on their water bills.

AquaFund is ADSM’s multi-million pound grant which enables organisations to manage water demand and make significant financial savings.

It has five key objectives; 

  • Reduce current UK water consumption by 250 million tonnes a year.
  • Provide funding for a range of managed services.
  • Provide funding for the installation of state-of-the-art water saving equipment.
  • Deliver sustainable water supplies.
  • Take 170,000 people out of water poverty in the world’s poorest countries.

Prior to being awarded the public sector licences, the grant scheme had been tested for 3 years across the NHS, University and local government and exceeded the projected financial and environmental objectives.

To find out more about AquaFund visit ADSM's website.

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