US Lead the Global Renewable Energy Drive

16 May by Miriam Heale


There is growing momentum within the US for investment into renewable energy.

Ernst and Young has listed the US as number 1 on their Renewable Energy Country Attractiveness Index' (RECAI) and a new initiative sees giant US corporations put their weight behind the drive towards an increase in renewable energy production.

'The Renewable Energy Buyers' Alliance' initiative aims to add 60GWatts of capacity to the US grid by 2025 and already has 24 US companies signed up to buy their power from wind and solar power sources.

Google, Amazon, Walmart and Equinix are all amongst the most active corporate giants putting their weight behind the new initiative.  However, there are many others yet to actually sign deals to buy renewable power. 

This may be due in part to complexities in the marketplace and fluctuations in pricing.  Electricity regulation in the US is run state-by-state, which creates many different rates and policies for energy purchase; for instance only 13 states offer electricity buyers the option to source their power independently.

The Renewable Energy Buyers' Alliance' hopes to breakdown some of these barriers and allow renewable energy to be purchased more easily; bundling company's requirements together, making direct connections between generators and trying to better optimise the economic benefits of switching to renewable energy providers.

Government policies and potential federal regulation on CO2 emissions has helped drive this movement, as too has the realisation of the corporate world of the benefits both economic and environmental, of supporting the renewables industry.

Corporate companies can't do it all by themselves and as Brian Janous, Director of Energy Strategy at Microsoft said recently in the “If Microsoft, Facebook and Google all get to 100 per cent renewable energy, we’ve barely scratched the surface of global carbon emissions,”

However, it will send a very positive message and hopefully encourage others to follow suit.

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