2016 Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Professionals Careers and Salary Survey

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Welcome to the 2016 Sustainability, Energy and Environmental Professionals Careers and Salary Survey, conducted by Environment Analyst & ALLEN & YORK.

The Salary Survey is based on records of 1,200 recent UK positions available through ALLEN & YORK as well as around 1,700 responses to the Environment Analyst online survey which ran from November 2015 to January 2016 - providing a unique and comprehensive insight into salary, career and recruitment trends across the green jobs sector.

  • 41% say staff numbers in their organisations have increased or increased significantly in the last 12 year months.
  • 42% respondents have more than 11 years in the sector compared with only 23% in 2010, and indication of a maturing industry.
  • 40% saying that jobs are less secure in the public sector compared with 12 months ago.
  • Gender pay gap is narrowing, but still women are paid £8.3k less on average than their male peers.

The overarching picture emerging from the 2016 survey is of a profession continuing to mature.  Feeling within the commercial sectors is one of increased security.  However, cuts within the public sector have inevitably left their mark.

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