In the US More People Employed in Solar Industry than Oil & Gas

07 June by


2015 saw renewable energy production hit record highs with 147 Gigawatts of renewable electricity coming on-stream - the largest annual increase ever seen according to the REN21 global status report

Renewables provided 44% of the EU’s electricity capacity, and 15% of its final energy consumption. 

A record 63.5 GW of wind power was installed worldwide in 2015, around the world and 8.1million people are now employed in the clean energy industry - excluding hydropower - 3.5 million of them in China.

In the US, it is reported that, more people now work in the solar industry than in oil and gas extraction and Latin America has set some of the world’s most ambitious targets for clean energy deployment.

For the first time, emerging economies outspent richer nations in the green energy race, with China accounting for a third of the global total. Jamaica, Honduras, Uruguay and Mauritania were among the highest investors, relative to their GDP.

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