Waste Industry calls for Unity Post-Brexit

30 June by


Pre-Brexit it was clear that the Waste Industry was in the 'Remain' camp.  80% of delegates attending the recent Resourcing the Future conference organised by the Chartered Institution of Wastes Management (CIWM), the Environmental Services Association (ESA) and the Resource Association, indicated in an electronic poll that they favoured remaining in the EU.

“Stepping out of the EU brings financial, policy, legal and performance uncertainty which may well threaten a slow-down or reversal of the improvements we have enjoyed in recent years." said Steve Lee, CEO of CWIM.  He continued "As sustainable resources and waste management professionals, as an Institution, and as an industry we must now work together to build on what has been achieved to date." 

Post-Brexit there is a steely determination within the Waste Industry to continue building on the strong foundations of EU legislation and not lose sight of the value and benefits of good resource management.

The industry agrees that it must work with the government to preserve what has been achieved, to drive forward improvements and create strategies that will support investment and performance in the sector. 

"We must continue to advocate the power and value of the circular economy and ensure that our concerns about policy uncertainty are addressed. We will be looking for clear signals and reassurances from the government that they recognise the potential and value of our industries and that they commit to a more resource efficient future, regardless of our future status in Europe." Ray Georgeson CEO at The Resource Association

The way forward is uncertain, but the industry is galvanising.  The nation maybe divided, but within the waste industry there is a feeling of unity and cautious optimism.

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