What does Brexit mean for the Environment?

28 June by


I'm almost sorry to bring up the subject of Brexit again, but reading Craig Bennett's article in the Guardian last week, the issue cannot be ignored.  

Like he says; About 70% of our environmental safeguards and legislation is European legislation – and this is now at risk.  

We do not want to return to the days of being dubbed the 'dirty man of europe' and must now strive to keep in place the EU targets which have driven fantastic environmental improvements across the UK with clean beaches, clear water and protected nature reserves.

To continue to build on the legacy of the EU would be the best course of action and there could also be real opportunity for the UK, to lead on environmental issues and become a world leader, particularly within industries such as Renewable Energy.  

The UK is currently ranked as the world's sixth largest producer of wind power contributing 11% of UK electricity generation in 2015. Reinvesting in this industry and pushing it forward as a priority would create jobs and exports which could only benefit the UK economy and status in Europe.

70% of the young (18-25) people of Britain voted to remain in the EU and the future will be in their hands, as we continue to play our part to drive the UK towards becoming a world leader in nature protection, air pollution and the transformation to a truly sustainable economy.

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