Demand-Side Response Gives Extra Revenue Stream

19 July by


Energy intelligence software (EIS) and demand-side response (DSR) solutions are opening up opportunities for UK companies to realise new and valuable income streams. DSR has been around for some years, particularly in the USA where grid management and innovations in energy storage have leapt ahead, however we are seeing it being adopted more and more in this country and we predict a large rise in job opportunities from 2017.

London Underground, the largest electricity consumer in London with the biggest privately owned power network in the UK, has become the latest business to take advantage of demand-side response, by joining the leading DSR software company EnerNOC’s network.

London Underground run a back-up power station to ensure seamless service during power interruptions, by joining EnerNOC's demand response network, they will be paid for using their back-up power during times of peak demand, and thereby reducing their reliance on the National Grid and helping to ensure grid reliability other uses across London.

Similarly in Scotland, The Herald and Times Group, (publications include; The Herald, Evening Times and Sunday Herald) have signed up to Edinburgh based energy aggregator Flextricity.  They also have back-up generation systems and by running off this at peak times, will generate a new revenue stream worth up to £250,000.

The beauty of the DSR scheme is that it utilises a company’s already existing infrastructure, generates extra revenue and takes pressure off an overstretched grid system.

While we’re at the early stages of this kind of level of grid stabilisation within the UK jobs market, we believe that this is an industry to watch.  Positions include; software development, sales, business development, project management and energy consultants.  

The next few years will be exciting times for energy management.

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