Health and Safety Standard ISO45001 Improves Corporate Sustainability

26 July by Miriam Heale


At ALLEN & YORK we have always aligned health and safety with corporate sustainability. It's one of the reasons we started recruiting into health and safety, because if you look after the human element of your business, by keeping people safe within a good environment, you have started on the road to running a sustainable company.

Adam Roscoe writing in the SHP this month, highlights the synergies between corporate sustainability and health and safety, particularly focusing on the new ISO45001 standard (currently under revision for approval) which will provide a better framework to look more broadly across a company’s risks and opportunities.

ISO45001 can “firstly provide a more robust and updated management system for the organisational development and improvement of a company’s health and safety performance. Second, it will help create and sustain the culture necessary to run a safe, healthy and profitable business. Finally, the standard will push companies to focus on and systematically map relevant risks and opportunities in a wider context than they do today and that in itself will aid investor and other stakeholder briefings.” Says Roscoe.

Much of ISO45001 will be familiar, but there is also a requirement to look at the wider company context, encompassing impact on; local communities, the supply chain (are the manufacturers of your products working within good health and safety standards?) and leadership. 

“ISO45001 is designed to ensure these senior managers get involved in leading safety, by setting expectations and direction and by actively promoting a culture where safety matters. Often this visible and felt leadership is the difference between a good company with good safety performance and an excellent company with exemplary safety performance – and good financials.”

To read more visit the SHP Online “Standards: Health and safety at the heart of corporate sustainability

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