Welcome to Sustainable Nation Ireland

08 July by Miriam Heale



A new organisation devoted to the development and promotion of Ireland as a world-leading hub for sustainable and responsible businesses & investment, was launch on 7 June 2016.

Sustainable Nation Ireland has been established from the merging of several existing bodies to help transition Ireland to a low-carbon future – a mutli-billion-euro investment opportunity for innovation, learning and responsible business to flourish. 

Key highlights;

  • New body to help Ireland achieve climate change targets
  • Working with Bank of Ireland, KPMG, AIB and others
  • Partnering some of Ireland’s most exciting startups
  • Aim to have €250 billion of sustainable funds domiciled, managed and deployed into Irish enterprises by 2021
  • Sustainability Skillsnet - sustainability leadership programmes and networks provide opportunities for enhancing practice and policy.


Forming part of the Irish Government’s IFS 2020 strategy, Sustainable Nation’s role is support and develop ideas, innovations and investment strategies to deal with trends such as population growth, urbanisation and rising consumption of scarce resources such as food, water and energy. 

Sustainable Nation will help Ireland to play its role in reducing global carbon emissions, a key part of the last year’s climate change talks in Paris.

Also offered is a Skillsnet hub, providing both formal and informal opportunities for sustainability leaders to expand their professional network, learn from experts in the field and gain insight to new developments which will affect your company.

Sustainable Nation Ireland have pledged to back Irish enterprise leadership in sustainability, by helping mature companies, university incubators and start-ups to capture the opportunity across the range of activities including; responsible investment, enterprise development, climate finance, skills and resource efficiency.

Partners already include; AIB, Coillte, Bank of Ireland, ESB, KPMG, Mainstream Renewable Power, PwC, Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland and Greencoat Capital.

Find out more about Sustainable Nation Ireland.