Why You Should Always Use a Technical Recruiter

18 July by Miriam Heale


Outsourcing has become a dirty word. It’s become as steeped in negativity as the terms ‘business development’ and ‘sales’.

Everyone possesses at least one horror story of how a business function was outsourced to the ruination of the company.

As with anything, there are always examples of when things go wrong and, unfortunately, it’s those examples that tend to stick in the mind.

The reality, however, is that outsourcing works otherwise there wouldn’t be so many service suppliers in the market.

The reason it works is because you had the task or tasks over to a dedicated professional, who’s specialist knowledge outstrips our own.

The same can be said for recruitment. Some agencies are good, others are not. Some are fantastic, others give our industry a bad name and leave a very bitter taste.

However, the simple truth is that we live and breathe what we do. We have no other function than to find great people to work for great companies. Our fingers never ever leave the pulse.

Couple this with the fact that we are a specialist technical recruiter so we bring with us a host of advantages that internal recruitment or high street recruiters simply can’t.


We seek to build a partnership with all of our clients. It is our ambition to be an extension of your hiring function rather than an organism existing outside of the body.

In doing this we gain invaluable insight into your business and build a trusting working relationship. Beyond the salary bandings, benefits and bonuses we begin to understand your culture and that knowledge is the difference between finding a candidate who is a good fit and finding one who is a great fit.


Through understanding your culture, the organisation and its values, we can promote your business and your brand. We can speak with authority on the work you do and the standards of employment you offer. We become de facto brand champions.

We also advocate for the candidates. We have the capacity to identify the skills, knowledge and experience on paper or on a LinkedIn profile that may not be immediately obvious and we make sure the hiring manager sees them.


Our technical recruiters have a vast and overlapping network of contacts and potential candidates in addition to registered candidates on our database. Our reach is vast. We have the capacity and the knowledge to find and engage with passive candidates that would normally be out of reach.

We also contact, screen and qualify every potential candidate we deliver. We don’t present you with applicants but engaged potential employees.

The Market

We know your markets. We actively learn as much as we can about what is going on in your industry: not just the innovations and the challenges but the skill sets and salaries as well.

We are able to provide employer and candidate with valuable insights, manage expectations, and advise on alternative hiring methods depending on the wider demand for that requirement.


We simply have more of it than an internal recruitment team. We have no other function than to source, screen, contact and present the very finest candidates to meet your requirements.

We keep the candidate warm and engaged. We take care of the difficult conversations too: salary, counter offers, rejections and negotiations.


We understand that engaging a technical recruiter like ALLEN & YORK is entrusting us with the future employees of your business. We will never submit a candidate that we don’t believe can do the job and we will always keep you updated with the progress of our search.

We believe through honesty and transparency we earn your confidence and demonstrate our value.

If you have requirements we can support you with we want to hear from you. Contact us via the website or call us now on 01202 888 986.