Attracting Graduates to Building Surveying

12 August by


Attracting new blood to the building surveying industry is a key objective for the Building Surveying Professional Group Board (BSPGB).

Writing in the latest issue of Building Surveying Journal, chairman Alex Charlesworth calls on the industry to shout a bit louder about what chartered and building surveyors actually do and educate the next generation about this interesting and rewarding career.

Charleswoth comments that “Not enough young people really know or understand what chartered surveyors do, let alone the role played by building surveyors.”

He goes on to say that: “While recruitment is essential, promoting an understanding of building surveying is even more important. Get the latter right, and the former will follow – with the added benefit that a greater proportion of the population will understand more about the role we play in real estate.”

When the recession hit in 2008/9 we know that many graduates within Planning and Built environment left the industry because they couldn't find work, this created the skills gap we have today.  To avoid this happening again, it is vital to get the message to school leavers that surveying is a great career option and to attract the next generation into the industry.

According to the latest RICs figures, 50% of their membership are over 50 years old and only 13% are women.

We work with a whole range of planning and built environment consultancies and public sector organisations and know that organisations are always on the look-out for new talent.  So we would like to join BSPGB's clarion call for millennials to look at building surveying an attractive area for study and a flourishing career. 

Entry level salaries start at around £20,000-25,000.

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