Local authorities need to free up more public land for affordable house building

22 September by


Kier group CEO Haydn Mursell when interviewed on the Today Programme this morning, called for local authorities to free up more public land for affordable house building.  

This is a view supported by the think tank The Policy Exchange, who's recently published a report in which it states that government will miss its new homes target unless it gives housing associations more freedom to build.

The report supported by five of the country’s leading housing associations argues that private housebuilders will only ever realistically build 140,000 new homes a year due to planning constraints and their ‘build to sell’ model which limits their housing delivery. 

To meet the government’s aspiration to build a million homes by 2020, housing associations will need to be incentivised to build 100,000 homes a year – double the number they are currently building. 

Between 2010/11 and 2014/15 housing associations built around 50,000 homes a year on average with only 10% of these for market sale.

The paper proposes that housing associations – or consortia of housing associations – with a stock of more than 4,000 homes should be eligible to sign Housing Deals that commit them to building specific numbers of new affordable and market homes in areas of demand, within a 5 year time period.

Read more on The Policy Exchange website

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