Opportunities in the Health and Safety Jobs Market

12 September by Jack Cornick


Employee safety, health and wellbeing is all part of corporate sustainability.  Taking a holistic approach every business should be looking after the health of its buildings, investments and employees (not necessarily in that order!) to ensure a truly sustainable company. 

Depending on the sector, every business can expect to spend between 40 to 80 percent of gross revenue on employee salaries and benefits combined and it costs an estimated £30,000 to replace a member of staff, according to a study by Oxford Economics in 2014, which found that by far the greatest cost comes from the loss of productivity caused by the time it takes for a new recruit to get up to speed. 

This is arguable, but it illustrates the point, that it is essential to look after your employees.

So what's happening in the health and safety recruitment marketplace at the moment?

Construction & CDM

Interestingly health and safety CDM roles have increased since the changes to the 2015 CDM regulations.  

Construction is a fast moving industry, as projects are completed and people move on.  As a result, there is a large, well paid contracts market, with health and safety professionals moving around every 12-18 months. 

Many health and safety professionals like to gain experience across a variety of industries, as it gives great scope to employment prospects.  

The construction industry often requires a level of experience within construction and it’s therefore a great place to start a career, giving valuable hands-on experience in a heavy industry sector.

Corporate Health & Safety

Much talk has been made about the rebranding of health and safety and we’re already seeing this on the ground.  

There is a general movement away from the strict compliance based approach to a more inclusive, educational strategy.  

This is particularly prevalent across multi-site and global companies where local in-country buy-in is so much more important and relevant to keeping people safe, than trying to drum-in standard health and safety processes. 

The corporate health and safety jobs market is strong and we have a variety of safety jobs which could be of interest to you.

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