ALLEN & YORK Foundation Partnering with Renewable World Charity

11 October by Miriam Heale


In 2016, its inaugural year, the ALLEN & YORK Foundation are supporting five charities, through various fundraising activities and voluntary support.  One of these is Renewable World, a small charity based in Brighton who work tremendously hard to tackle poverty across the world, through the provision of renewable energy. 

Renewable World targets the most isolated and disadvantaged communities to create community based renewable energy supplies, to provide electricity for cooking, lighting and water pumping, to ensure a more economic and sustainable access to a consistent power supply.  They currently have projects in Nepal, Kenya, Nicaragua, Tanzania, Mozambique and Bangladesh.

Earlier in the year, the ALLEN & YORK Foundation were delighted to sponsor Renewable World’s flagship event; ‘Earth Wind and Tyre’ a 200 mile cycle ride from Durham to Edinburgh, and through our meetings we were enthusiastic to get more involved to help the Renewable World Team grow their supporters.

So, we were delighted when Marie Hounslow, Fundraising Manager at Renewable World, suggested that we could help support her sales team by teaching them some telephone techniques.  David Blake our MD at ALLEN & YORK volunteered to run a training session and went down to the Renewable World offices in October.

The training session actually developed into a much wider conversation about how the charity communicates all the amazing work they are doing, and looked at strategies to attract more support and donations, via increased social networking and brand visibility.

“We were delighted to welcome David along to meet our Brighton team on a beautiful sunny day.  We explored how we reach out to more people and bring them closer to our work - transforming lives through access to clean energy.  It was good to remind ourselves that we should shout about why we are here, rather than just the ‘how’ and ‘what’.   We were also more inspired to learn from ALLEN & YORK’s experience of using social media and picking up the phone for light touch, consistent communication.  In other words a good reminder to wean ourselves off relying on email too much and get out there to build visibility, understanding and connection to the fantastic work we do.”   Marie Hounslow

We are committed to partner with Renewable World and would encourage you to learn more about their inspiring work.  We share their passion and enthusiasm to improve the lives of many communities who currently live off-grid and as Marie comments; “The more people we bring on our journey to bring light and power to the 1.4 billion people (who still shockingly don’t have access to energy) the better!"

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