Smart Grid Technology takes another Leap Forward

17 October by


New technology is driving a smarter energy revolution, that might negate the need to build more and bigger power stations.

Reactive Technologies (RT), who won the 2015 European Entrepreneurial Company of the Year Award in ICT for Smart Energy, have developed the technology for data to be sent via the national grid, for the first time.

This means that via smart plugs which are used in the home, appliances can be controlled remotely to increase or decrease electricity consumption to cut demand on the grid, or turn it up to utilise spare capacity.

“The old mindset would be, we need to build more power stations,” to meet the energy demand, said Jens Madrian, CFO at RT “We disagree with that. There are other ways of managing electricity, one of which is carrying knowledge from the telecommunications and software engineering side into the energy sector.”

Previously data was able to be transmitted within local networks by sending very high frequency data alongside the standard 50Hz signal, but sending information across the country means going through sub-station transformers, which contain an air gap that cannot pass on the high-frequency data.  The new telecoms technology developed by RT inserts the data as small changes in the 50Hz signal itself and therefore it can jump the air gap.

These developments in technology are having a direct effect on the energy jobs market, and our ALLEN & YORK Building and Energy Services recruitment team are always on the lookout for talented individuals working across this new technology.

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