UK Public Prefer Renewable Energy

10 October by Miriam Heale


In a recent poll by EuPD Research (German market and economy research company) of 1,000 British home owners, over 50 per cent answered that the UK should rely on "wind, solar and hydro" for future energy supply.

The results of the “Home Owner Study on Photovoltaics UK 2016“ showed that 22 percent of the participants stated that they believed solar power to be the cheapest energy source in the UK followed by about 17 percent of the respondents naming wind.

“These recent results offer further evidence that renewable energies are broadly accepted by the people, while being hindered on the political level,“ states Dr Martin Ammon, head of energy department at EuPD Research.

There is an assumption made by UK government that the majority of citizens don't want renewable energy, especially onshore wind turbines.  However, if this were put to a referendum maybe the result would be very different?

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