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Water upgrade projects generate employment opportunities

2016-10-11 08:00:00 +0100 by Thomas Bullen


The focus of the UK's water industry has evolved over recent years from building new water works, to upgrading existing systems and improving quality and efficiency. 

Many of the existing water networks and treatment plants were built in the last century, when the population was significantly lower.  With a predicated population rise to 80 million by 2040 today's water infrastructure needs to be more modern, robust and sustainable.

A recent report from Water UK entitled 'The 21st Century Drainage Programme' highlights the need for resilient sewerage and drainage systems within the framework of long-term external pressures on the existing water system.

The report says it had become “increasingly clear that investment in drainage infrastructure had struggled to keep pace with rapid housing development in some parts of the country” which would simply be exacerbated in the future by population growth and climate change.

Upgrade projects require engineers with a whole range of skills, which has led to an increase in job opportunities across the water industry. 

Typical skills being sought include; civil design and civil engineering, process engineering and commissioning engineering, as well as electrical and mechanical design. 

Our ALLEN & YORK Water team are working with a number of water companies and contractors and would be interested to hear from you if you are looking for a new opportunity.

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