Shaping a Culture of Health & Wellbeing for 2017

02 February by Caroline Sidell


Guest Blog by Caroline Sidell.
Corporate Health & Wellbeing Company Director at Via Vita Health Ltd
Director and Owner Fit4ltd, National Wellbeing Lead for all PiXL Schools and Sunday Times PE Teacher of the Year

Health & Wellbeing, is a growing area of specialism for occupational health and safety professionals and at ALLEN & YORK we are seeing an increase in demand for professionals to drive corporate health and wellbeing initiatives.

We'd like to thank Caroline for sharing her expertise and insight with us, to give an overview of what should be included in a well-rounded health and wellbeing strategy.

‘Creating a culture of health and well-being is the greatest challenge for organisations.’ CIPD 2016

Have you tackled your Health and Wellbeing Strategy for 2017 and beyond?

Health and wellbeing is more than providing fruit and water, gym memberships or reactive services. It is about providing a comprehensive strategy for all touch points from proactive through to reactive. Proactive measures and managing absence cost far less than being reactive. 
Do you know how much your business is losing on absence each year? 

The average number of days lost per employee to absence is currently 6.3 days per year. This equates to £522 per employee per year but doesn't actually take into account all the indirect costs such as productivity, brand reputation, presentism – all of which can cost an organisation a small fortune. 

‘Most organisations attempt to manage absence and promote well-being through a range of practices and initiatives, but fewer take a more strategic or holistic approach.’ CIPD 2016 

You need a joined up approach within your organisation to make health and wellbeing effective. This means working with HR, L & D, Talent, Benefits & Rewards, Marketing, Occupational Health, Directors, Managers and Employees.

Do you know what support your employees need?

Consulting with people, building a full picture of business pains, employee challenges and understanding what health and wellbeing means to you as a brand or company. Then deciding on core values, aims, milestones, key performance indicators and engagement measures.

Building a picture from across your organisation about Learning and Development, EAP, Absence figures, Insurance providers, Benefits and Rewards will then support building a business case for health and wellbeing.

Working with all your key partners and teams within your organisation is crucial to aligning and creating a joined up approach to wellbeing.

At Via Vita Health we have saved companies millions by using our 4-step approach. We Consult, Create, Engage and Analyse your whole Health and Wellbeing programme as a continuous improvement programme. The key is to build a bespoke programme which is suited to the needs of your organisation and your employee demographics. 
Using a range of onsite and online delivery methods along with a strategic engagement plan will ensure a fantastic programme can be delivered. 

Organisations that genuinely promote and value the health and well-being of employees will benefit from improved engagement and retention of employees with consequent gains for performance and productivity.

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