ALLEN & YORK Charity Rowing 150KM for Renewable World on World Water Day

21 March by Miriam Heale


Approximately 17% of the global population live without electricity.  That's an extraordinary figure in 2017 don't you think?

Another shocking figure is that approximately 900 children die every day from diseases caused by unsafe water and poor sanitation.

Electricity is required to pump water to remote communities, but has many don't have electricity what is the answer? 

One answer is Renewable Energy!   The charity Renewable World is taking renewable energy power systems to remote communities, which gives them amongst other things, access to clean running water.

Water that can be used not just for sanitation, washing, cooking and drinking, but also for mixing mortar for housebuilding and irrigating crops.

In the UK the average person uses 150 litres of water a day, so on World Water Day (22nd March) TEAM ALLEN & YORK took part in a sponsored row, to row 150KM in one day to raise money for the Renewable World charity.

We raised £339 and we'd like to say a HUGE thank you to Poole Amateur Rowing Club (for the rowing machines) everyone who sponsored us!!

Water is vital to life and something that we all take for granted, we forget that it's not readily available to everyone.
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It's not too late to make a donation please visit our Just Giving page - thank you!