Global Brands Embrace Sustainable Fashion

01 March by Katie Pereira


The sustainability agenda is gaining more momentum within the fashion industry, as consumers embrace the new products being produced by leading global brands. 

The Adidas Parley range includes swimwear, football kit and trainers made from recycled ocean plastic. Nike have partnered with the Ellen MacArthur Foundation and have subscribed to the material sustainability index (MSI) for sourcing and manufacturing products and Vivienne Westwood is now powering her fashion business with renewable energy.

The latest to embrace a more sustainable fashion industry are VF (owners of several global brands including Timberland and North Face) with the release of their new forestry policy (announced 27 Feb). 

VF's new policy aims to address the loss of endangered forests, biodiversity, habitat and the use of forced labour within the manufacturing of clothing.  By using recycled fibre "wherever possible" and responsibly sourcing materials throughout its global supply chain VF aim to produce a more sustainable product.

The clothing sector is battling against its fast fashion tag, with several brands striving to gain a better reputation for sustainability.  Labour standards, ethical procurement and innovative design all play a part in greening the industry and producing a more sustainable product for the responsible consumer to embrace.

There are great opportunities for corporate sustainability professionals to work within the fashion industry.  Forward thinking brands are looking, not only to strengthen their corporate social responsibility strategies, but also their health and safety teams, to ensure their company offers a fair wage, safe working conditions and an ethically sourced product across their operations around the world.

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