Soft Drinks Companies Under Pressure to Reduce Ocean Plastic

16 March by Alan Jarque


Pressure is increasing on the soft drinks companies to take responsibility for what happens to their disposable plastic bottles.

In a recent report published by Greenpeace, entitled; ‘Bottling It’ they highlight that the drinks companies are contributing to 250,000 tonnes of plastic which is currently present in our seas and they throw a spotlight on the companies’ failure to address the growing problem of ocean plastic pollution.

The study reports that the six companies surveyed use a combined average of 6.6% recycled plastic in their bottles, and none have commitments to reduce the amount of single-use plastic bottles that they use.

All plastic bottles are 100% recyclable so there is no excuse for consumers not to recycle them. 

Scotland has trialled a scheme in which people are rewarded at stores with cash back or discount vouchers when they return plastic bottles. However, there is a concern from UK government who don’t want to discourage people from continuing to recycle.

A combination of both, doesn’t seem to be beyond the wit of man, so let us hope that the new scheme gains traction across the UK and we can really get involved and start to address this appalling issue.

Public support for a plastic bottle deposit scheme gains momentum.

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