Does Showering Use Less Water than a Bath?

15 June by Miriam Heale


Many of us have long held the view that bathing uses more water than showering, so we opt for a shower to be more eco-friendly.  But, when I read recently in Water Active magazine that this was not necessarily the case, I thought I should pass this news on!

According to a recent survey by showering for 8 minutes uses about the same as a bath, but an 11 minute shower uses approximately 85 litres of water (135 in a power shower) which is 5 litres more than the average bath, which uses 80 litres of water.

As the UK preference seems to be for showering, 70 per cent of respondents said they prefer showers, to 17 per cent who prefer baths, it seems we are wasting more water than we expected.

One of the main reasons for showering was that it was “quick, convenient, and waste less water”

So, if you're main reason for having a shower is to save water, you might have a rethink and start wallowing in the bath!

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