World's First Floating Wind Farm

25 July by Sally Woods


The Hywind offshore wind farm, a collaboration between manufacturer Statoil and Abu Dhabi based sustainability firm Masdar, is designed to capture wind energy from waters that are too deep for conventional bottom-standing turbines.

The revolutionary wind farm is currently under construction and will be sited 15 miles (25km) off the Aberdeenshire coast. The turbines will be tethered to the sea base and are weighted with iron ore which stops them toppling over, as they bob in the water like giant buoys.

The price of energy generated from offshore wind has come down by 32% since 2012, much faster than people predicted and four years ahead of government targets.  Another big price drop is expected, which will take offshore wind to a much lower price than new nuclear power.

Once installed the pilot wind farm will generate 30MW of renewable energy, enough to power 20,000 homes, and if successful more projects in deep waters around Japan and the US are predicted.

For more information visit the Statoil website