Don’t Miss Out - Start Recruiting Now for the New Year

23 August by Miriam Heale


Even if you haven’t started your recruitment strategy for 2018 yet (which I’m sure you have) you’ll certainly be planning how to exceed your targets for next year, and for this you will want the workforce in-place to ensure you hit the ground running.

Whether you are building your team, replacing people who are moving-on or generally upgrading your talent. Or if you think it's smart to have a pipeline of talent for the unforeseen, then now would be a good time to beat the rush and seize the competitive advantage.

In our experience is takes on average two to three interviews and three to six weeks for an employer to make an offer to a candidate.  When you then add-in, notice-period and the festive-season (sorry to mention Christmas), we are looking at a 2-3 month recruitment process, minimum.

Candidates contacted now, will be looking at joining their new employer towards the tail-end of 2017, but more likely in the New Year.

Take the global multi-disciplinary consultancy we recruited for last year, who were looking for a senior environmental manager.  The brief was taken in September 2016, we shortlisted the top 7 Candidates and started first interviews in October, with the offer signed in November, our successful candidate resigned to take up her new position in January after working her notice period. 

For many of our technical sectors, we are also in a skills-short, candidate led market, which means that candidates are harder to find and more difficult to attract.  Current employers are more reluctant to lose their skilled professionals and around 60-70 per cent of our candidates will receive a counter-offer.

Our recruiters are really knowledgeable and skilled in their specialist fields, so they can cut down your ‘search’ time considerably, but even with our ninja recruitment skills, we can’t hurry people back from their summer holiday or hold back Christmas!

So, if you might be looking to hire any time in Q1 2018, proactively or reactively, we should be talking now.

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