EDF offer 100 houses free solar panels

21 August by Miriam Heale


EDF Energy are looking for 100 homes to offer free installation of solar panels to trial their Sunplug scheme.

To be accpected you will need a large, south-facing roof and be happy to buy your subsidised power from EDF for 20 years.

If your application is accepted EDF will install the largest solar panel system your roof can accommodate; a 16-panel installation will generate 4KW, plus an LG storage battery, which ensures you will have 24 hour power, even when the sun has gone down.

The householder is contractually bound to pay Sunplug 9.9p per kilowatt hour for each unit of electricity they use from the panels and battery. This is a little cheaper than what you would pay if you bought green electricity from the grid. For example, green supplier Good Energy charges 15.5p, with a standing charge averaging 26p a day.

The advantage could come in future years as the price demanded by Sunplug can only rise by the retail prices index or 2.5% – whichever is lower. If the price of grid electricity rises substantially over the next 20 years, users will make considerable savings.

Robin Melvin, Head of Innovation at EDF, says about 50 households have signed up for the trial and that he is looking for another 50 to join, at which point its success will be evaluated.

To find out more read the full story on the Guardian website

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