Flood Risk Jobs on the Rise

17 August by Miriam Heale


The Met Office long range forecast for August includes quite a lot of “showers, rain and strong winds” and we’ve already had a wash-out month, July being reported as the wettest for five years. 

In January 2016 the then Environment Sectary, Liz Truss told the house of commons that at least 16,000 houses in England were flooded during the wettest December in a century and just a few weeks ago flash flooding in Coverack in Cornwall saw two people rescued by coastguard helicopter.

There is no doubt that flooding has become a national issue and in September last year the government said that "Lessons learnt from last winter’s floods have helped build a new approach so the nation is better prepared and more resilient to flooding".

Works are going on all over the country to shore-up and improve flood defences; an 18-week project phase has just been completed by Balfour Beatty on the £14.7 million Almondbank flood protection scheme, just outside Perth.  Which is on schedule to finish in the spring of 2018.  

The Scottish government has identified 42 flood protection schemes that have been proposed for action over the next five years at a total cost of £235m, to protect up to 10,000 properties.  This is in addition to the 2.5bn which the government have pledge for flood defence programmes to 2021.

This continued nationwide flood defence strategy means that we are seeing a steady demand for jobs across flood risk disciplines, including; hydrology, EIA, drainage and flood management.  As we move into the Autumn/Winter this demand will increase and so if you are looking for a new job opportunity, now would be a good time to contact us.

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